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Top-Rated & Nationally Recognized Sheepadoodle Breeder 
 Sheepadoodles  +  Poochons +  Maltipoos + Bernedoodles + Labradoodles + Old English Sheepdogs
A percentage of all our proceeds go to local animal shelters and child foster and orphan organizations.
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We are Grace Wood Farm.

We love puppies and love the joy they bring to families. We breed Sheepadoodle puppies, Mini Sheepadoodles, Micro Sheepadoodles, Micro Bernedoodles, Mini Labradoodles, Poochons, and Maltipoos.

 We are Luke and Brittney Stasi and have 6 amazing children. We work with a great team that is made up of some of our closest, lifelong friends and their sweet families. 

Our puppies are born and raised at home with lots of love. Our parents are our personal family pets and have grown up together. They are their own family pack.

Our vision here at Grace Wood Farm is that our parents would be family pets and have their pack making sure that they are fully socialized. The health of the parents is just the first step in healthy and safe breeding. The mental and physical environment for our babies and parents is what we believe makes our pups the very best. The pups have our kid's little fingers playing with them and lips kissing them from day one. They have playtime and a quiet space for sleeping. We transport your babies from our location to you to ensure that proper mental and psychical health is maintained till they are safe in your arms. This ensures that once our babies come to be a part of your family and home they are mentally and physically ready to bond, train, and be a part of your environment. Our goal is to make your new puppy a well-rounded, amazing, lifelong family member. 

We are family-owned and operated breeders. Family is our very favorite. When you adopt a baby from us you become a part of our Grace Wood Farm family!

Please take a minute and look over all that our site has to offer we have taken much care to ensure that you have a full picture of us and our babies.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 803-888-4149 and we would love to speak with you!

A percentage of all our proceeds go to local animal shelters, child foster and orphan organizations. 


Got questions? Give us a ring!

(803) 888-4149

Grace Wood Farm - Sheepadoodle Breeder

The Stasi Tribe 

Luke Stasi & Brittney Stasi - Sheepadoodle Breeder

Brittney Stasi

Brittney Stasi - Sheepadoodle Breeder

Luke Stasi

Luke Stasi - Sheepadoodle Breeder
Luke Stasi & Brittney Stasi - Sheepadoodle Breeder
Luke Stasi & Brittney Stasi - Sheepadoodle Breeder
Grace Wood Farm - Sheepadoodle Breeder

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We are taking deposits for 2022!

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We look forward to speaking with you!

-The Grace Wood Farm Team

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Tel: 803-888-4149

Grace Wood North: South of Columbus, Ohio in South Bloomingville, OH

Grace Wood Farm South Georgia:

Atlanta, Marietta Georgia

Grace Wood South South Carolina: South of Charlotte, NC in Fort Mill, SC



Semone B.

"Our overall experience was great. The team is very knowledgeable and responsive. Took me through the process step by step. The puppy videos are exciting and they were very honest during the selection process. I highly recommend for any first time dog buyers."


Sharon T.

"Grace Wood is a fabulous breeder for sheepadoodles. They are professional and kind but most of all, they love their animals as their own family. The experience from inquiries to puppy choice was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you for my new furry baby. It’s love 🐾❤️"


Hannah S.

"From the beginning of adoption process to pick up day, every conversation with Grace Wood Farm has been amazing. You can tell that everyone loves their puppies and are committed to provide the best care possible. Highly recommend!"


Anate A.

"We just got our beautiful, sweet, loving sheepadoodle puppy from Grace Wood Farm north! I usually don’t write reviews but highly recommend gracewood farm!! Luke is so lovely and easy to work with and the site breeder Kayla is so kind and loving towards their pups, you can just feel it and hear it in her voice! Love that they post weekly pictures and videos. Also love that all of the gracewood farm families have kids around to play with and love these puppies from day 1! I was very happy with the communication, experience and of course my beautiful baby girl. We put a deposit down not thinking that we would get a puppy until summer, but it moves pretty fast. Thank you so much gracewood farm for our sweet sweet girl!!"


Allison A.

"Thank you to Grace Wood Farm for breeding the MOST adorable, smart, sweet natured puppy! We adopted a Standard Sheepadoodle in March and couldn’t be happier. Kayla, from the North location, nurtured and loved him and his siblings alongside her children and the moment we brought our puppy home, he was social, engaging, curious and snuggly with every member of our family including our older dog! Our boy is now 13 weeks, fully potty trained and knows all his basic commands. I can’t recommend Grace Wood Farm enough and just after one month, we are considering a second sheepie baby! ❤️"


Amber H.

"We enjoyed the experience. Stephen was very responsive to my inquiries and questions. Enjoyed the videos Kayla posted and narrated prior to selecting our puppy. We are thrilled with our new addition and would recommend Grace Wood Farm!"

We would love to help you on your search for a new furry friend! Give us a call today.

(803) 888-4149