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Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons

Located in Tehachapi, California
Reverse sheepadoodles, and F1 Standard sheepadoodles

Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons is located in Tehachapi, California. The Gallegos family and their two children manage our Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons Location. At Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons, we breed our Reverse sheepadoodles, and F1 Standard sheepadoodles


Click HERE to see  Standard Sheepadoodles.

Click HERE to see the parents of our Standard Sheepadoodles.

Tehachapi, California, is known as the 'Land of Four Seasons' because of its scenic year-round beauty. It is a majestic hidden oasis inside the Tehachapi Mountains of Kern County in Southern California. Tehachapi is an escape from major cities, filled with oak and pine trees, breathtaking sunsets, and everything in between. Tehachapi gives an unrushed, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere within a small mountain community that offers a quaint downtown area amongst numerous murals to visit, like the Historic Railroad Depot, museums, shops, and galleries.  Outside the town are various local farms, wineries, breweries, hiking spots, and glider rides for the adventurous.

In Tehachapi: ​

  1. Discover Tehachapi- click HERE.

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Meet The Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons Team 

The Gallegos Family 
Michael and Kathryn


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The Stasi Tribe
Luke, Brittney, Hadassah, Judah, Levi, Gia, Obadiah and Zion
Luke Stasi and Brittney Stasi
more pictures and descriptions coming soon
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