Grace Wood Farm Transporters


Welcome to our Grace Wood Farm Ground

and Flight Nanny Transporting 

 From our locations to your front door or local airport in your city. Whether getting a Sheepadoodle, Poochon, or Maltipoo, we can bring your pup straight from their nursery at Grace Wood Farm to your home.


Your baby will never leave the care of our Grace Wood Farm Team until he/she is in your arms.


One of our greatest desires is to give our babies the safest, most loving, transport services so that when they come home to you, they are healthy, happy and ready for their new home! Our Grace Wood Team will be with your baby until they are home or close to home, with you. We wanted to have a team that could give to our new parents the ability to get all the sleep and time that they needed in the preparation of getting ready for their new baby. Many times the travel can be very hard on the baby and many parents have a hard time knowing how to manage such a long drive for nervous baby. Our trained team is equip with all they need to make baby have a long trip that will make him not feel nervous and be clean and even have fun! For this reason we only allow our families to use our flight and ground transport services, so we can ensure the over all mental and psychical health of our babies. Unless of course you come yourself. 


With all the crazy of life we have all come to know, our transport offers peace of mind and gives you more time. 

Jonathan and Solaya are like family to Luke and Brittney. Jonathan is Luke and Brittney's godson and his family has been a part of their family since he was 6 years old. Solaya is a beautiful and blessed addition to the family when they got married. They are kind, sweet, loving, and smart. They love all our Grace Wood Babies and love to travel and meet new people. They have transported many times with both parent dogs and our babies.  

They are also the host family for one of Grace Wood's males, so they have first hand experience in how to love, watch, and care for your baby. 

Puppy Transport Team
Puppy Transport Team
Puppy Transport Team

GWF Transporting

Pricing for our ground transport service: All location's

  • 100-299 miles- $350

  • 300-499 miles- $500

  • 500-799 miles-$700

  • 800-1000 miles- $950

  • Mileage beyond 1000 miles will have to be talked about on a case-by-case basis. 

  • All mileage will be rounded up, within 5, to cover the ever changing gas prices. 

Pricing for flight nanny:

At this time SC/NC locations only ​

  • West Cost USA: This price is based on airfare and distance at the time. Call for quotes. 

  • International: Due to Covid rules you will have to call and get a quote for this on a case by case basis. 

What we give you with our transport service:

  • Highest level of safety measures taken with sanitation to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to you and your family. 

  • Extreme safety measures taken to protect from Parvo virus and other dangers for your puppy from our location to your home. 

  • The level of care that your baby will get from us. 

    • Safe environment with a crate, puppy pad, food, and water from our locations that they have been on their whole lives so far. ​

    • Being with their other litter mates. 

    • Two drivers so that one is focused on driving and one is focused on loving on your baby. 

    • Care for your babies mental health.

    • When nervous or scared they will be held, comforted, and reassured of their safety

    • Non-smoking environment

    • Our transporters are not strangers but a part of the Grace Wood Farm Team. Thus knowing that they are trusted, trained, friendly, kind, and have all the necessary tools and equipment. 

    • You will get pictures and time updates along the drive. 

    • You will pay to the same Venmo you do for all your payments to Grace Wood. 

What we do not offer and/or guarantee with our transport service:

  • Same day delivery. 

    • We do not want to rush our drivers thus putting them and our babies in danger. We want them to drive safe and with care to deliver your baby to you whole, happy and healthy. ​

  • We cannot guarantee that your baby wont have a pee, poop, or vomiting accident along the drive. Of course we will have wipes and paper towels on hand, but they may still need a bath once they get home. ​

  • Different days of pick up and drop off from what is given to you in your first email when you got on your litter. 

  • Your baby will still have a transition time, like all puppies, once they get home, but the good thing is that it's now in the safe, comforting place of home where you can hold them, love on them, and give them your one on one attention. 

Why it's best to use our Transport services:

  • ​Your puppy is still young when they come home to you. They are not fully vaccinated yet and long travel can be a lot on them. But when they travel with us we have all the tools, wisdom, training and experience and know how to make them comfortable on long trips. We know how to keep them safe and have all the tools to transport them safely. 

  • We have a Class-A RV that has beds and crates in their own area just for them. We have grass pads when there is not a safe place to potty. We also have a renovated van just for the puppies to have the best and most comfortable environment. 

  • We know how to make sure that they get enough food and water so that their blood sugar does not drop and have the training and the necessary supplies to aid in this before it becomes an issue. 

  • We have the food that they are use too, and if they do have diarrhea or thrown up we are able to keep them and their travel area sanitized to prevent any other worms or germs that this could cause. 

  • Most of all we love our babies and keeping them safe and bringing them to your front door and seeing that joy brings us so much joy!

Puppy Transportation

Ok, so you want to use our Ground Transporters or our Flight Nanny Services to bring your baby straight to your front door.


What Now?

  • First call Solaya, one of our transports and manager of our transport clients, or text her: This info is on the email sent when the babies were born-

    • let her know that you are getting a puppy from us and that you are inquiring about our services. 

    • She will ask you a series of questions that will help her to get your final quote, let you know if they are available and what your exact day of delivery will be.  

    • She will take your info and wait until the whole litter has let her know if they are coming themselves or using our transport services, then within a few days she will send you a quote and the day of arrival

    • You will then have 24 hours to respond if you want to use our services or come to our location for pick up yourself

    • If you decide to use our services:

      • Grace Wood will send you a contract to sign via email using e-sign. ​

      • Then you will send the amount via Venmo for your transport, at the time that you sign the contract. 

      • This will be non-refundable and cannot change, once the trip is planned their are many families that will be counting on us to deliver when we say and we must prepare and plan what vehicle we will use to allow amble space and best conditions for babies, so the trip must remain the same to reach these agreements. Note* Given a family emergency case by case we would talk about allowing for an exception. 

      • Those who use our Flight Nanny Services will have to meet our transporter at their local airport. 

That's it! Super simple. And on Pick Up day your baby will be picked up and brought to you. ​