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Listed below are different Transport Companies that we work with to give you options for Ground and Flight Nanny Transport.
Dash and Zuma on their overnight hotel stay with our Transporter, Jen
Transporter Jen with Dash & Zuma

You can have true peace of mind when it comes to getting your puppy home with our professionally vetted transport partners.


Often our clients are concerned about how they can get their new fur baby home. Out of every litter we have, puppies head to homes all across the country, from New York to L.A. and practically every major city in between. It’s easy to drive out to one of our locations if you live within a few hours, but what about being hundreds or thousands of miles away? 


Transporting a puppy long distances is an undertaking, both logistically and practically. If flying, pups need special health certificates, canine flight bookings, and airline-approved carriers, and the flight nanny must follow airline-specific protocols. Some puppies, especially small breeds, require extra attention to ensure that the pup is doing well during transit. For long drives, pups may experience car sickness and nervousness and must have their blood sugar regulated. All of these things can feel overwhelming if you haven’t traveled a long distance with a puppy before.


We always welcome our families to travel to our locations to pick up their puppy. If you can’t make the trip or aren’t comfortable with the responsibility of transporting a young puppy a long distance, we have the below list of transport partners.


One of our greatest desires is to give our babies the safest, most loving transport services so that they are healthy, happy, and ready for their new home when they arrive. Our Grace Wood list of vetted transport partners will be with your baby until they are in your arms!! 

Chewie the Sheepadoodle gets his wings from Delta Flight Attendants!

Chewie the Sheepadoodle gets his wings during his Flight Nanny Transport from Delta Flight Attendants!

Micro Sheepadoodle Pooh Bear travels in his comfy travel crate during his Flight Nanny Transport!

See below the list of recommended pup transporters:

At Grace Wood Farm, we believe that every dog deserves a loving and forever home. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with esteemed external dog transporters as part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth and stress-free adoption process. This collaboration is designed to make the journey of bringing your new furry family member home a breeze.

Grace Wood Farm Southern Magnolia, South of Charlotte, NC, in Fort Mill, SC

Jeremy Anderson  

Phone Number:  704-201-4313


Puppy waiting for his flight!

Grace Wood Farm Wisteria, North Georgia, in Ellijay, GA

Jennifer Pinto

Phone Number: 678-637-1384


Grace Wood Farm Four Seasons, North of Los Angeles, CA, in Tehachapi, CA

Purple Pup LLC

Phone Number: 214-549-0235


Address: South California


Shauna Jackson

Phone Number: 760-793-7473



Phone Number: 714-769-8399


Address: 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803, USA

Jeremy Anderson  

Phone Number:  704-201-4313


Puppy in Transit!

Grace Wood Farm agrees to:

  1. Ensure that the puppies are in good health and have received appropriate veterinary care, including vaccinations and deworming, prior to transportation.

  2. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about the puppies, including their medical records, dietary needs, and any special care instructions, to the transporter.

  3. Properly crate and prepare the puppies for transportation, ensuring that the crates are clean, secure, and adequately sized for the puppies' comfort and safety.

  4. Ensure that all necessary documentation, including health certificates, ownership records, and any permits required for transportation, are completed accurately and provided to the transporter.

  5. Inform the transporter of any specific considerations or requirements related to the puppies' well-being during transportation, such as temperature sensitivity, dietary restrictions, or behavioral concerns.

  6. Maintain open and timely communication with the transporter, providing necessary updates on the puppies' health, readiness for transport, and any changes to the transportation plan.

  7. Coordinate the pickup of the puppies with the transporter, ensuring that they are available and ready for transport at the agreed-upon date, time, and location.

  8. Provide clear instructions to the transporter regarding the designated destination(s) for the puppies, including complete addresses, contact information, and any special delivery instructions.

  9. Promptly notify the transporter of any changes or cancellations related to the transportation plan and cooperate in rescheduling or making alternative arrangements as necessary.

  10. Be responsive to any inquiries or concerns raised by the transporter during the transportation process and work collaboratively to address any issues that may arise.

Transporter agrees to:

  1. Provide regular updates to the Client regarding the status and progress of the transportation, including departure and arrival times, any delays or unforeseen circumstances, and the overall condition of the puppies during the journey.

  2. Take necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of the puppies while in transit, including securing the crates properly, minimizing exposure to excessive noise, and avoiding situations that may cause undue stress or harm to the puppies.

  3. Maintain appropriate records and documentation related to the transportation, including but not limited to driver logs, transport manifests, and any required permits or licenses.

  4. Comply with all local, state, and federal regulations governing the transportation of animals, including those related to animal welfare, health, and safety.

  5. Carry out appropriate contingency plans in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, or medical emergencies involving the puppies, to ensure their well-being and timely completion of the transportation.

  6. Promptly report any incidents, accidents, or damages that occur during the transportation to the Breeding Location and cooperate in the resolution of such matters.

  7. Provide trained and experienced personnel who are knowledgeable about the safe and humane transportation of animals, including handling and care procedures.

  8. Treat the puppies with care, compassion, and respect throughout the transportation process, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.

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