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Grace Wood Farm Transporters
Welcome to our Grace Wood Farm Ground
and Flight Nanny Transporting
Dash and Zuma on their overnight hotel stay with our Transporter, Jen
Transporter Jen with Dash & Zuma

Dash and Zuma at their hotel overnight stay during their transport with our transporter, Jen

You can have true peace of mind when it comes to getting your puppy home with our professional pup transport team. 


Often our clients are concerned about how they can get their new fur baby home. Out of every litter we have, puppies head to homes all across the country, from New York to L.A. and practically every major city in between. It’s easy to drive out to one of our locations if you live within a few hours, but what about being hundreds or thousands of miles away? 


Transporting a puppy long distances is an undertaking, both logistically and practically. If flying, pups need special health certificates, canine flight bookings, and airline-approved carriers, and the flight nanny must follow airline-specific protocols. Some puppies, especially small breeds, require extra attention to ensure that the pup is doing well during transit. For long drives, pups may experience car sickness and nervousness and must have their blood sugar regulated. All of these things can feel overwhelming if you haven’t traveled a long distance with a puppy before. 


We always welcome our families to travel to our locations to pick up their puppy. If you can’t make the trip or aren’t comfortable with the responsibility of transporting a young puppy a long distance, we are here to help! We provide transport from our Grace Wood Farm locations to your front door or local airport. Whether you are getting a Sheepadoodle, Old English Sheepdog, or Bernedoodle, we can bring your pup straight from their nursery at Grace Wood Farm to your home. Your baby will never leave the care of our Grace Wood Farm Team until they are delivered safely to you.

Chewie the Sheepadoodle gets his wings from Delta Flight Attendants!

Chewie the Sheepadoodle gets his wings during his Flight Nanny Transport from Delta Flight Attendants!

Micro Sheepadoodle Pooh Bear travels in his comfy travel crate during his Flight Nanny Transport with Transport Manager, Solaya!

One of our greatest desires is to give our babies the safest, most loving transport services so that they are healthy, happy, and ready for their new home when they arrive. Our Grace Wood Team will be with your baby until they are in your arms! 


Travel can often be very hard on the baby, and many parents have difficulty knowing how to manage such a long drive for their nervous pup. We wanted to have a team that could give our new parents the ability to get all the sleep and time needed to prepare for their new baby. Our trained transporters is equipped with everything they need for a long trip, and we know how to make your puppy feel secure while keeping them clean and comfortable. Because of the dangers associated with traveling, we only allow our families to use our flight and ground transport services so that we can ensure the overall mental and physical health of our babies. Unless, of course, you come to pick them up yourself. With all the craziness of life we have all come to know, our transport offers peace of mind and gives you more time. 

Our transportation team has grown! We now have the following team members: Jen, John, Peter, Johnny, Jason, and Solaya. They all love our Grace Wood Farm babies, and they love to travel. They have transported many times with parent dogs and with our babies. Solaya and Johnny are also the host family for two of our Grace Wood males, so they have first-hand experience on how to love, watch, and care for your pup.

Estimated Transport Cost 

Review Which Zone You Live In 
(all prices are estimated ranges, not a final quote)
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Transport availability is limited, so contact us right away to reserve your future puppy’s transport!
Call (803) 888-4149 today

GWF Transporting

Pricing for Ground Transport services:

  • Ground Transport is available to our customers on the East Coast

  • $1.50 per mile from our location to you

  • $375 minimum charge

Pricing for Flight Nanny services:

  • Flight Nanny transport is available to our customers too far for ground transport

  • The price is individually quoted based on airfare and distance at the time. Call (803) 888-4149 to enquire about our quotes.

  • International: International puppy transport is different for each country. Please call us to discuss your specific situation. 

Benefits Of Using Our Transport Service:

  • We use the highest level of safety measures taken with sanitation to prevent the spread of germs to your puppy, you, and your family. 

  • Our transporters maintain a smoke-free environment for your puppy.

  • We take extra precautions to protect your puppy from the Parvovirus, Giardia, and other diseases during the trip to your home. ​Puppies can easily be exposed to these germs in public areas. Giardia is a common disease that puppies get due to licking grass, dirt, or shoes that have it picked up. Puppies can easily be exposed to these germs in public areas. Our transportation vehicle has a built-in potty system, so your puppy never has to leave a safe and sanitized environment.​

  • Our transporters use the same care and intentionality that Grace Wood Farm is known for with your puppy. Puppies stay in a safe environment with a crate, puppy pad, food, and access to the same water from our locations that they have been on since birth. ​

  • You will receive pictures, videos, and real-time updates along the drive.

  • Often, puppies are transported with their littermates, making their trip much more comfortable. 

  • Our transporters give special attention and care to your baby's mental health. They will be held, comforted, and reassured of their safety when nervous or scared. 

  • For long trips, we use two drivers so that one can focus on driving and one can focus on loving your baby. ​

  • Our transporters are not strangers but part of the Grace Wood Farm Team. They are trained, friendly, and have all the necessary tools and equipment. They will follow the same standards that Grace Wood Farm is known for.

What We Do Not Offer Or Guarantee With Our Transport Service:

  • Same-Day Delivery. We do not want to rush our drivers, thus putting them and our babies in danger. We want them to drive safely and with care to deliver your baby to you whole, happy, and healthy. ​

  • We cannot guarantee that your baby won't have a pee, poop, or vomiting accident along the drive. Of course, we will have wipes and paper towels on hand, but they may still need a bath once they get home. ​

  • Tailored Scheduling. We do not schedule different days of pick up and drop off from what is given to you in your first email when you got on your litter. 

  • A perfect first night. Your baby will still have a transition time, like all puppies, when they get home. They will still have to adjust to a new environment and new faces. It's now in the safe, comforting place to hold them, love them, and give them their attention.

  • Guaranteed delivery time. With any travel, there are countless uncontrollable situations that can cause delays. We cannot prevent acts of nature, accidents, canceled flights, and many other situations. Our team will always make every effort to stay on schedule, but everyone needs to be flexible and have good attitudes if a delay arises. 

Why We Recommend Using Our Transport Services:

  • ​Protection for your puppy! Your puppy will still be young when they come home to you and will not be fully vaccinated yet, so long travel can be a lot for them. We have all the tools, wisdom, training, experience, and know-how to make them comfortable on long trips when they travel with us. We know how to keep them safe and have all the tools to transport them safely. 

  • We have vehicles equipped with beds and crates in an area just for them. We have grass pads when there is not a safe place to potty. We make sure the puppies have the best and most comfortable environment. 

  • We know how to ensure that your puppy gets enough food and water so that their blood sugar does not drop, and we have the training and the necessary supplies to address this before it becomes an issue. 

  • We have the food they are used to, and if they have diarrhea or throw up, we can keep them and their travel area sanitized to prevent any other worms or germs that this could cause. 

  • We love our babies, keeping them safe and bringing them to your front door, and seeing that joy brings us so much happiness!

Sheepadoodle (44)_edited.jpg

Eomer has fun with our transporter, Johnny!

Puppy in Transit!

One of our micro Sheepadoodles takes a break on his ground transport journey!

Puppy waiting for his flight!

Helen, one of our reverse small standards, watches as planes fly in and out at Atlanta's airport, waiting for her flight to her new home!

Ok, you have decided that you want to use our Ground Transporters or our Flight Nanny Services to bring your baby straight to your front door. What now?

First, call or text Solaya Sinclair. Solaya is one of our transporters and the manager of our transportation service. She can be reached by texting or calling (803) 888-4149 (Option 2). Let her know that you are getting a puppy from us and inquiring about our services. She will ask you a series of questions to help her get your final quote, and she will let you know if our transporters are available for your delivery day.  Solaya will also collect your info at this time. Please note: sometimes, it is necessary to wait until the whole litter has communicated their transport plans before scheduling can occur. Within a few days of receiving this information, Solaya will send you a quote for transport and the expected day of arrival. Once she has sent your custom transport quotes, you will have 24 hours to decide (and respond) if you want to use our services or come to our location to pick up yourself. 


If You Decide To Use Our Services:

Once you have communicated your desire to use our transport service, we will email a contract to you. You will sign this document using e-sign. After signing the contract, you will send a payment for the transport. This payment is non-refundable. 


We must carefully plan the logistics for each trip to allow ample space and the best possible conditions for our puppies. Once the trip has been planned, drivers are arranged, and deliveries are scheduled. Last-minute changes are unnecessarily stressful, and they are also unfair to the other families involved. Many families will be counting on us to deliver on time; therefore, we will not be able to change the travel plan. Please note that in the event of a genuine family emergency, please contact us to discuss options. We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 


Those who use our Flight Nanny Services must meet our transporter at their local airport, in the baggage claim area. Our flight nannies will not leave the safety of the airport.

That's it! Once you have arranged transportation, signed the contract, and sent payment, your baby will be picked up from their location on Pick Up Day and delivered safely to you. Super simple. ​


Call us at 803-888-4149 for a transportation quote!

Meet our Transporters

     Johnny Sinclair
     Jason Hammel
Transporter Jen with Dash & Zuma
        Jen Pinto
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