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How the Process Works

We want to make adopting a puppy as easy as possible for you. So here's how to adopt an available puppy:

  1. Size: Decide what size dog you want: standard, mini, or micro. Standards are a large dog, minis are medium-sized, and micros are smaller-medium. Follow the links above to view our available puppies in each size.

  2. Age: The puppies on each page are organized from oldest to youngest.

  3. Location: We have locations in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and California. Review the "Location" information to see where each pup is. 

  4. Transport: Our transport team can safely bring your pup to your front door or local airport. For most puppies, we offer flight and ground transport services nationwide. However, some older pups are too large to fly. In the pup's details under "Transport Options," you can review if that pup has any limitations on transport. Text us at (803) 888-4149 to request a transport quote.

  5. Pics & Videos: Each puppy has photos and videos on the site and links to more photos and videos on Instagram. Watch the videos to learn more about the pup's personality.

  6. Availability: We update our available puppies daily, so unless a dog has sold within the last few hours, every puppy listed is still available.

  7. Chat with a Puppy Pro: We require all new families to talk to our team over the phone before they can adopt any puppy. We've worked with doggies for years and sent hundreds of wonderful puppies home to happy families. We can help you walk through the process and get paired with the best pup possible. So give us a ring at (803) 888-4149 to speak with us today.

  8. First come, First served: Hundreds of folks look at our available puppies daily. Adopting a puppy is a major decision; we never want you to feel rushed or pressured into getting a dog. However, puppies are adopted every day, and the puppy you are considering now was being looked at by someone else yesterday. Whoever makes payment first will secure any available puppy. So, if you are ready to move forward, call us at (803) 888-4149 immediately to secure your new pup.

  9. Payment: Payment is required in full to secure any available puppy. We accept payment through Zelle and Venmo. When you are ready to move forward, payment info will be provided upon request.

  10. Getting your Puppy: You are welcome to pick up your puppy in person directly from the location, or we can provide you with a quote for transporting the puppy to you.

Call us at (803) 888-4149 to learn more

Looking for a pup down the road?

Click the icon below to view more photos and videos of our pups on Instagram

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Sheepadoodles are naturally good with children!
Sheepadoodle Puppies
Adult Sheepadoodle Dog bred by Grace Wood Farm
Adult Sheepadoodle Dog bred by Grace Wood Farm
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