Meet the parents of our Mini Sheepadoodles

Grace Wood Farm North Woodland


Meet Mama Margo

Mama Margo is an AKC Old English Sheepdog. She has two beautiful blue eyes and an all white face. She's one of our smallest Old English Sheepdog mama's - only around 50lbs. She has a very sweet and loving personality. She is calm, peaceful, and so well behaved. She loves to be snuggled and loves to play. She's a beauty!


Margo is an AKC certified pedigree Old English Sheepdog.

COAT: Her coat is silver-blue and white. 

WEIGHT: 50lbs


Grace Wood Farm Crape Myrtle

South Carolina

Meet Mama Torrun


Torrun is an AKC Old English Sheepdog female. We love our T-girl! She is one of the sweetest souls on earth. Like all our pups she is our personal pet. She loves her humans and pretty much never leaves our sides. She even tries to take a shower with us! She is fun, smart, kind, and is the best mama like all her sisters. Torrun basically always has a smile on her face, always loves to play, and is always sweet. When you pet her she just flops to the floor so you can rub her belly. She's such a cutie!


Torrun is an AKC certified pedigree Old English Sheepdog.

COAT: Her coat is silver-blue and white. 

WEIGHT: 50lbs


Grace Wood Farm North Woodland


Meet Mama Shuri


Shuri is a F1 sheepadoodle and the mama for our mini and standard F1b sheepadoodles. This beautiful girl is as sweet as they come. Always ready for a snuggle. She loves to run and play with her pack here on the farm and play with the kids. We love our sweet Shuri girl. 


COAT: She is a glossy, rich, gorgeous black with brown highlights, white chest markings, and white parti on her face. 


WEIGHT: She is 55lbs


Daddy (Peter) Pan

Grace Wood Farm South

Pan is a CKC registered toy poodle. He brings his family so much joy! He loves his mommy and loves to play and snuggle all day. He will be the best daddy because if his babies are like him they will be perfection!


COAT: Apricot


WEIGHT: 11lbs


Daddy Frampton

Grace Wood Farm North Woodland


Meet Daddy Frampton

Frampton is a stud dog from another breeder in Ohio that we love. He's sired many beautiful litters of doodles and is a healthy, friendly, and easy-going little guy. He will sire our litters of mini Sheepadodles in Ohio this year.

COAT: His coat is apricot and white. 

WEIGHT: 16lbs