Meet the Parents of our Mini/Moyen Sheepadoodles

Meet Mama Torrun

Torrun is an AKC certified pedigree Old English Sheepdog female. We love our T-girl! She is one of the sweetest souls on earth. Like all our pups she is our personal pet. She loves her humans and pretty much never leaves our sides. She even tries to take a shower with us! She is fun, smart, kind, and is the best mama like all her sisters. Torrun basically always has a smile on her face, always loves to play, and is always sweet. When you pet her she just flops to the floor so you can rub her belly. She's such a cutie!

COAT: silver-blue and white.

WEIGHT: 50lbs

Meet Mama Nakia

Sheepadoodle mom to f1b mini/moyen sheepadoodles. She is one of the sweetest dogs ever!! She is so loving to her humans and kids. She loves every single one of her doggie friends and never meets a stranger. She is so friendly. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and thinks she is small enough still to climb on your lap. She also is extremely playful and absolutely loves to play with each and every one of her dog friends. She especially loves the game of fetch and also loves to play tug a war. She is extremely smart and intelligent and is also very curious.

COAT: White and gray

WEIGHT: 50lbs

Meet Mama Violet

OES with face mask medium,  mom to f1 mini/ moyen sheepadoodles. She has beautiful, soft, and flowing hair. She loves her humans so much. She is extremely calm and peaceful and very loving and protective. She is an amazing mama to her litters, so caring and calm with them. She loves to receive all the affection, pets, and snuggles from her humans that she can. She has such a tender and loving demeanor and is extremely sweet.

COAT: White and gray

WEIGHT: 53lbs

Meet Mama London

OES mom to F1 mini/moyen sheepadoodles. Sister to Aurora. She is super sweet and loves to run around and play with the kids. She has a strong and confident personality and has lots of energy. She is super sweet and loves to run around and play with the kids. Her favorite dog to play with is her sister Aurora. She is very intelligent. She loves to chase the ball and play with the other dog toys. She loves to run around the dog yard with the other dogs.

COAT: White and gray

WEIGHT: 50lbs

Meet Mama Shiloh

F1 standard sheepadoodle baby to Eyown and Link. She has a calm and super sweet personality. She loves her people and loves to take walks with us. She and Nakia are best friends. She loves to play with the dog toys and run around her dog yard. But once she is done playing, she will happily relax and lay out in the sunshine.


COAT: White and gray

WEIGHT: 53lbs

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-07 at 3.41.33 PM.jpeg

Meet Mama Aurora

OES one blue eye one brown, larger size, mom to f1 moyen sheepdoodles. She has one brown eye and one blue eye and has such an adorable face. She is so beautiful and sweet. She is super playful and spunky, running with her pack and the kids. She also is very affectionate and loves to receive pets and hugs. She especially loves to play with and run around with her sister London. She is friendly and smart.


COAT: White and gray

WEIGHT: 50lbs

Mama Aurora - Old English Sheepdog

Meet Mama Charlotte

Charlotte is an Old English Sheepdog and mama to our mini/moyen Sheepadoodles. She is very kind, gentle, quiet, smart and obedient. She loves other dogs. She is kind-hearted and loveable and so good with her humans! 

COAT: White and charcoal

WEIGHT: 50lbs


Meet Daddy Thor

Blue Merle mini poodle.  He is a bouncy little fellow, full of energy and spunk and oh so cuddly. He is so loyal and loves to follow his kiddos around, chasing at their feet, jumping onto their lap, and playing with them. If they are sitting to watch a movie, he will curl up on their lap and snuggle in. He is extremely friendly and sweet and loves everyone he meets! He is extremely smart and intelligent and is so very loved by all.

COLOR: Blue Merle

WEIGHT: 14lbs

Meet Daddy Kona


AKC mini poodle. He has a calm and chill personality. He is very playful and curious. His favorite thing to do is to play with his humans chasing the ball or playing tug a war with a rope or to play with his doggie friends, especially his best friend, Thor. He also loves to snuggle and sleep on the nearest lap. If he's not playing, you can definitely find him snuggling. 

COLOR: Parti blue Merle

WEIGHT: 17lbs

Meet Daddy Cornelius

All white, moyen poodle. Cornelius currently lives in a host home. He is so very sweet and kind. One of his favorite things to do lounge around the house in the sunshine. He loves playing with other animals at the dog park or his cousin’s house. He has a very calm personality and will sit and snuggle next to any friend old or new. 


COLOR: White

WEIGHT: 45lbs