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Meet the Parents of our Mini/Small Standard (Moyen) Sheepadoodles

Meet Mama Jasper

Mini F1 Sheepadoodle; Sister to Ocoee and half-sister to Misha. Mom to our micro and

mini sheepadoodles. Mama Jasper is an absolute DREAM and a beloved dog at the Wisteria location. .Jasper is incredibly smart, affectionate, and an amazing nanny dog with her nurturing OES sid highly intelligent Poodle side in perfect balance. She is everything you want in a Sheepadoodle and will produce incredible babies.​


COLOR: Black and white parti

WEIGHT: 45lbs​​​​


Meet Mama Birdie

Mama Birdie is one of our young pups here at Wisteria. She is a reverse small standard sheepadoodle, daughter of Mama Jasper and Daddy Cu, both beloved parent dogs of Grace Wood. She has a very calm and sweet personality. She is VERY confident, intelligent, balanced, well mannered, easily trained, affectionate but not overly so. She is everything you want in a dog. We expect her to be ready to have pups late next year.

COLOR: Black and white, expected to fade to silver/gray and white

WEIGHT: Expected 45lbs

Birdie - Standard Sheepadoodle Puppy for Sale

Meet Mama Charlotte

Charlotte is an Old English Sheepdog and mama to our mini/Small Standard (moyen) Sheepadoodles. She is very kind, gentle, quiet, smart and obedient. She loves other dogs. She is kind-hearted and loveable and so good with her humans! 

COAT: White and charcoal

WEIGHT: 65lbs

mamaa charlotte.png

Meet Daddy Cooper

Daddy Cooper is a tri-color parti Moyen poodle. He is an absolute joy and delight. Extremely intelligent and observant, but also SO sweet, loving, playful, silly and goofy. He is a ray of sunshine and brings happiness to everyone he meets. His fur is so soft and he has the most beautiful, deep black eyes. He is a perfectly balanced - not to mention BEAUTIFUL dog!


COLOR: Parti Brown Merle

WEIGHT: 38lbs

daddy cooper.png
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