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Puppy Picture Day

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Why does Grace Wood Farm do picture day every week? What does it look like from the location breeders' side? Why does it sometimes take a little longer than expected? Let me explain a little about Grace Wood Farm’s puppy pictures.

Why do we do weekly photos?

Weekly photos are a great way to update and show how the puppies are growing and changing. The puppies' coloring, size, and personalities are changing daily. Weekly pictures and videos can offer this! Grace Wood Farm goes out of its way to ensure we can share the puppies growing up. This way, when choosing a puppy, you can understand a little about their personality and how they have grown up. Once they come home, it can feel like you already know them a little! Weekly photos are an easy way for people adopting from Grace Wood Farm to keep up, engage, and be a part of what is happening inside the GWF community!

What does a picture day look like for location breeders?

Picture days are a full day of work. When the location breeders wake up, they have to wash the puppies. The Grace Wood kids almost always help with this day, for it's more than a one-person job. Puppy washing can take 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the litter. They need to wash the puppies by scrubbing their little fur and paws in a sink with baby soap to ensure that if soap gets in the eyes, it will not burn. After that, they will dry each puppy with towels or a blow dryer on cool. Once they are dry, they will make sure they look and feel nice and clean and dry for photo day! Now, it's time for pictures! The location breeders first need to write down all the information on the chalkboard about each puppy, which is time-consuming. After each puppy has gotten its pictures and videos done, everyone is whipped out! Puppies are tired from their photo shoot, and the location breeders are tired from a hard day's work, but it's all worth it, and overall, it's a fun and exciting day for everyone!

Why can there be setbacks?

Sometimes the pictures don't go out on the exact day everyone expects. This is just because picture day is so time-consuming. Sometimes the pictures don't get done till late, and all the photos must be sent out a day late. Everyone should be considerate of all the time and work it takes to take all the puppies' pictures and videos. Grace Wood Farm always wants to ensure that they get the best photos of the puppies for everyone to see! To get the best images to show how the puppies are growing up and keep people updated, they want to take their time and do their best work.

How do pictures and videos affect decision-making?

Puppy pick day is so exciting for everyone! Of course, pictures and videos are the way that everyone will pick the puppy they get to take home! So as location breeders, it is essential to ensure they get the best pictures and videos for everyone. Good pictures and videos make it easier and more memorable for people to pick the perfect puppy for them and their families. Seeing pictures and videos of their puppy through the process is a great opportunity! Most dog breeders DO NOT send out any pictures or videos of the dogs other than when they are first born and pick day. Grace Wood Farm is thrilled to provide an engaged process for everyone who is adopting a puppy, and through good pictures and videos, everyone can feel engaged with the puppy they will be picking! Weekly pictures are essential to Grace Wood Farm, and we always want to make sure we have the best for anyone apart of the GWF community!

If your home is missing a sweet little fur baby, Grace Wood Farm can help! Check out our Available Puppies page to see photos of adorable puppies available to go home today! Our locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio have litters born every season. We are happy to add your name to our waitlist for Standard Sheepadoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Micro Sheepadoodles, Micro Bernedoodles, and Poochons!

! For more information on joining the Grace Wood Farm Family, please call us at 803-888-4149.


About The Author

Hadassah Stasi is the oldest of six children in the Stasi Tribe and has spent most of her life around the dogs of Grace Wood Farm. She has attended countless births, raised more puppies than she can count, and done more than her fair share of farm chores. She has naturally developed an understanding of the nature of dogs, their needs, and the best training practices. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained from her experience through writing and teaching others. Already a world traveler, Haddasah lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and is building her expertise in training African rescue dogs.

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