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Why Sheepadoodles?

There are more than 300 official dog breeds, and over 40 of those are different breeds of doodles. With so many options, why does Grace Wood Farm choose to breed Sheepadoodles? After careful consideration, we’ve determined that Sheepadoodles are the best breed for a family pet, and here’s why.

Choosing the Perfect Breed

What does it mean to pick the perfect breed? Well, there are many things to consider when getting a family pet. Many people want to get a dog, but what does choosing this dog look like? When looking for a dog, you should consider the following. Is it good with kids? Is it hypoallergenic (minimal shedding and dander , best for folks with allergies)? Is it friendly? Is it good with other dogs? Is it well-behaved? These are all things that can be considered within a specific breed. Things like aggressiveness and not liking strangers or kids can be natural traits of a dog because of its genes. Therefore when choosing a dog breed, you should consider if that dog breed is prone to certain behaviors. When Grace Wood Farm was looking for a breed, we wanted a dog that had traits that would benefit many people. There are so many amazing dogs out there, but often there is a downside to a breed. Golden retrievers need lots of attention, French bulldogs are prone to C-sections, labs shed, and rottweilers can be aggressive. Although these are very popular and amazing dog breeds, each has a downside. So when choosing a dog breed, Grace Wood Farm was very careful to see what was the best choice for all types of people.

Grace Wood Farm Choosing a Breed

When Grace Wood farm was looking for what dog breed was right for us, we were looking for very specific things. We wanted a dog with minimum shedding as many families prefer not to have dog hair all over the house. A dog that did not require lots of exercises so that the family would not have to worry about exercising their dogs for several hours of the day. We looked for something that had no aggressive tendencies and that would be good around strangers, other dogs, and kids. These traits ultimately show a well-behaved dog that would fit right in with any family whether there were kids, other pets, or guests around the house. With careful research, Grace Wood Farm concluded that Sheepadoodles had the traits we were looking for and were the best choice for us and our Grace Wood Farm families.

Why Sheepadoodles are the Best

After Grace Wood Farm’s research, we found that Sheepadoodles had all the undeniable traits that make a great family pet. When it comes to kids, Sheepadoodles don't get any better. They love to play, run around, train, and goof off with children of all ages. From the time they first open their eyes until they are old and grey, Sheepadoodles are amazing with children. They also are known to be a little too friendly. While most dogs get aggressive or scared around new people or strangers, Sheepadoodles find themselves brand new friends. They want nothing but to love, lick, and greet the new guest! Sheedpadooles are very friendly with other dogs, whether they are older or younger. There are countless times were a family has adopted a Sheepadoodle from Grace Wood Farm, and down the road gets another Sheepadoodle. Though these pups have an age gap, they become the best of friends. When it comes to allergies, they check that box off too. Various people who couldn't even get near dogs before aren't bothered by our sheepies in the least. Sheepadoodles love to play, but they also love to nap. They will run around and go on walks whenever you or the kids are ready, but when it's time for relaxing, they're always down for a good old rest. With proper training and care, a Sheepadoodle has never been known to have natural aggressiveness. In conclusion, Sheepadoodles check off all the boxes that make a wonderful pet. The Grace Wood Farm team, including myself, have spent hundreds of hours around these beautiful dogs and we have nothing but positive things to say!

Check it out!

Brooke from Grace Wood Farm Wisteria- Sheepadoodles are everything you want and nothing you don’t. They are very human-interested and human connection focused so their desire to please you and meet your energy and activity level makes them the consummate companion. If you want to sit on the couch, eat popcorn, and watch football, they will be your best snuggle buddy. If you’re up for a long hike or throwing fetch on the beach, they are there for it. They are truly amazing in the way they give love!

Are Sheepadoodles The Right Choice For You?

Though Sheepadoodles are a wonderful pet fit for almost any home, are they fit for you? When considering getting a Sheepadoodle you have to be willing to groom and or take your dog to the groomer when needed. Though this is no hassle at all, some people don't want the extra work. So would you rather take your dog to the groomer( a hypoallergenic dog) or would you rather vacuum dog hair off your couch (a shedding dog)? You should also consider if your lifestyle allows for you to care for a dog. Can you feed/water this dog? Take it out when needed? Are you willing to train this dog? Can you walk or exercise the dog each day? If these boxes don't check off, then maybe you are not ready for a puppy quite yet. There are many different things to consider when getting a dog, but most of the time Sheepadoodles are almost always a perfect match. If you are willing to put the effort and love in, they will give it right back to you.

A Sheepadoodle For You!

If you or your family are considering one of our lovely little Sheepadoodles, then read a little about them! Go to the Grace Wood Farm website, 11 Things To Know About Sheepadoodles, or our About Sheepadooles page! You can see all the facts, highlights, and behaviors of our lovely pets. If a standard, mini, or micro Sheepadoodle seems right for your home then don't hesitate to talk to someone at Grace Wood Farm! You can call us at 803-888-4149.

Sheepadoodles are wonderful pets for all kinds of families and want nothing but love and snuggles, if your considering a dog, a Sheepadoodle just might be right for you!

If your home is missing a sweet little fur baby, Grace Wood Farm can help! Check out our Available Puppies page to see photos of adorable puppies available to go home today. Our locations in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and California have litters born every season. We are happy to add your name to our waitlist for Standard Sheepadoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Micro Sheepadoodles, and Micro Bernedoodles! For more information on joining the Grace Wood Farm Family, please call us at 803-888-4149.

About the Author

Hadassah Stasi is the oldest of six children in the Stasi Tribe and has spent most of her life around the dogs of Grace Wood Farm. She has attended countless births, raised more puppies than she can count, and done more than her fair share of farm chores. She has naturally developed an understanding of the nature of dogs, their needs, and the best training practices. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained from her experience through writing and teaching others. Already a world traveler, Haddasah is currently living in Nairobi, Kenya, and is building her expertise in training African rescue dogs.

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