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A Gift to all our Grace Wood Farm Families

Hello Grace Wood Farm Family, 


We have some exciting news for you and your fur babies! As a big thank-you to our current and future clients, we have partnered with lifetime online puppy trainers Baxter and Bella.


Baxter and Bella have been ever so generous to provide us a discount code to give you to use when you and your family buy one of our sweet babies from us! 

To upcoming/new puppy parents:

You are about to be a puppy parent - Congratulations!

Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you are adding to your crew. Either way, we are so excited for you!


We want to make sure that you are prepared to be the very best puppy parent you can be and offer you an amazing resource.


Being a responsible dog owner ensures that you provide a plan to train your canine companion to be the calm, well-mannered, and the best-behaved doggie that you could ever want. A trained dog is less stressful, not only in the beginning but for life. Proper socialization and manners will give you the dog you are envisioning. But you have to do the work and stay committed. They deserve it!

Start training them the day they come home, and do it from the comfort of your own house.

Online training is one thing, but an entire lifetime membership with Baxter and Bella ensures success for you and your pup. Please get started today, before you pick up your new fur baby, and make a plan to set you both up for success!

How do you sign up?

Visit and use coupon code: GRACEWOOD for 25% OFF. That means the lifetime membership that is $238 will now be $178 when you use our discount code! 


Now you can feel confident that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun, excitement, and happiness!

A note from Luke and Brittney about why they chose Baxter and Bella:

We are so excited for you and our little buddy to start your new life together. The reason that we do not work with local trainers and have chosen this program is because we know that it is not just the puppy that has to be trained for you to have a great family pet and experience - you need to be trained as well! We have six kids, and we know the importance of the whole family being on the same page when it comes to your new puppy. A puppy can go to a trainer, but if the family does not know how to follow through with this training, then you have wasted your time and money. Going through a training program together with your puppy sets everyone up for success. 


Dogs run on an alpha system. If you send your dog off for training, your trainer has become the alpha, not you. The trainer has trained your pup, not you. There is a difference. Puppies/dogs are living emotional creatures, just like humans. When you and your puppy are getting trained at the same time, there is a bond that is formed. Your puppy comes to understand you care for them and learns to follow your instructions by learning your voice, temperament, and command and encouragement. If you and the rest of your family don’t know how to train your puppy, it will take much longer to have a family pet that you want to keep and that you have bonded with as well. When humans do not create a bond with their pets, they are more likely to give their dog up rather than keep them. This is one of the huge reasons why there are so many dogs in shelters.


With Baxter and Bella, you are both learning together, and you will have trainers that you can call that will help teach you as well, making a much stronger longer lasting family pet. The best dog is a well-trained dog, a part of the family that you will enjoy for their lifetime.

-Luke & Brittney

Founders, Grace Wood Farm



I have attached some links below that you can go through to give you a deeper understanding of all that they are offering us! 

Survival Guide the first week




What to expect when you are expecting a puppy 


Please take the time to read through them thoroughly! 


With much love, 

Brittney Stasi

Founder and CEO

Grace Wood Farm


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