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Here at Grace Wood Farm, family is everything. Keeping true to this passion, we have partnered with small family-owned shops to help our new fur baby parents have everything they need!

We believe in supporting small family-owned businesses and, still yet, more in community. We love our pups so very much, and we want them to have the best families that they bond to.  What does that mean? Our puppies come home to you ready to bond, there is no question of that, but you also have to bond to your baby. We have specifically reached out to shops that we believe will help both parent and baby bond to one another. When someone is about to bring a child home, they create a room, put up their name, and get all the things they need for success. We may not realize it at the moment, but that is the start of our bonding. Then once that child is home, you watch as they play with the toys you bought, you see their name above their bed, you use all the tools you bought to be the best parent; like a high chair, and that's where you take hundreds of pictures as they grow and learn to eat. So many things that help you and simultaneously connect with you as well. One of our main focuses here at Grace Wood Farm is that puppies stay in their forever home. We do this in everything that we do from the moment you land on our website, talk to us, sign a contract with us, the way we set up our locations, and so so many other minor details. This shop has the same heart behind it. When you make a place in your home for your baby, and they have what they need, they will forever be happy with you because you are happy with them.

Each shop that we chose to work with us is a shop/product that we believe will help and reinforce bonding with your pup. 


As an added bonus, they all have given our Grace Wood Family a discount code! Make sure to put this in at checkout.

To stay in the spirit of love, we have our discount codes right here on our page, so that those who are just passing by may have what they need for their fur babies too. 

The Nosey Nose


Nosework Games provides mental and physical stimulation for your pup

Grace Wood Farm has partnered with The Nosey Nose Game Works to give all our Grace Wood Family a discount code to help your fur baby get the best start ever!



Watch The Nosey Nose intro video

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Homeopathic Hand Made Shampoo & Conditioner

Grace Wood Farm has partnered with Gee Your Dog Smells Terrific to give the best shampoo, conditioner, and other skin products for your baby.


Dye-free, cruelty-free, botanicals, 100% vegan, glycerin, seed oil, vitamin E, sunflower, and flax-seed.


Discount Code:

Watch Gee Your Dog Smells Terrific intro video

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Handmade Personalized Dog Leash Holder with Storage

Grace Wood Farm has partnered with Little Iowa Creations to provide that special spot for your fur babies treats, leash, doggy bags, and coat. This personalized doggy leash and storage shelf is perfect for holding all the "things" in one place. 

From the shop Owner Janessa:

Hi there! I'm Janessa, the artist behind Little Iowa Creations.
I never imagined my passion for crafting and woodworking would blossom into a full-time business, but I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing journey!
My story began in 2018, as a wife and full-time college student looking for a way to share all of these different ideas for decorations that I had in my head. I've always loved tapping into my creative side of my brain and creating custom pieces for friends and family. So I thought, what the heck, let's give this whole Etsy thing a go! As time went on, I realized how much joy I receive when I make something that is special and personal to the customer. I had originally thought my business would just be a part-time gig while I worked towards gaining my Master's, but my business has flourished into a full-time job that I couldn't imagine living life without. I love helping your vision for your custom pieces come to life! Have a custom order in mind? Shoot me a message and I'll help make it happen! I take pride in what I do and always want my customers to be happy!



Watch Little Iowa Creations intro video-Coming soon

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Customizable Home Décor & Accessories

Grace Wood Farm has partnered with Shelf Savvy Co. a father-daughter duo for handmade shelves for all things pup without making your house look "all things pup".

From the shop owners Gianna and Frank:

A father-daughter duo! We are Frank and Gianna. Our products all started as a quarantine project, spending hours upon hours in a shop experimenting with what we could do with a simple board of pine wood. We hope you love our products as much as we do! Everything is USA-made.



Discount Code: savvypup

Watch Shelf Savvy Co's intro video

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Doodle Do Grooming Academy


Grooming courses tailored for the Doodle owner

Grace Wood Farm has partnered with Doodle-Do Dog Grooming Academy to help new pup owners thrive on their grooming journey!

Groomer Instructor Vivian Thornton is a Certified Professional groomer with over 25 Certificates in the grooming industry, including skin and coat, puppy grooming, safety, and more. She created the Doodle-Do Grooming Academy as a way to help dog owners understand coat type, proper coat care, as well as complete full haircuts in order to save thousands of dollars on grooming costs. Through the Doodle-Do Grooming Academy, learn skills such as brushing, combing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, products, tools, body clipping, face trimming, and SO much more! All courses include lifetime access.


Discount Code: GRACEWOODFARM10 (25% off!)


*Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that Grace Wood Farm could earn an affiliate commission if purchases are made through links on this website.

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