Here at Grace Wood Farm, family is everything. Keeping true to this passion, we have partnered with small family-owned shops to help our new fur baby parents have everything they need!

We believe in supporting small family-owned businesses and, still yet, more in community. We love our pup's so very much, and we want them to have the best families that they bond to.  What does that mean? Our puppies come home to you ready to bond, there is no question of that, but you also have to bond to your baby. We have specifically reached out to shops that we believe will help both parent and baby bond to one another. When someone is about to bring a child home, they create a room, put up their name, and get all the things they need for success. We may not realize it at the moment, but that is the start of our bonding. Then once that child is home, you watch as they play with the toys you bought, you see their name above their bed, you use all the tools you bought to be the best parent; like a high chair, and that's where you take hundreds of pictures as they grow and learn to eat. So many things that help you and simultaneously connect with you as well. One of our main focuses here at Grace Wood Farm is that puppies stay in their forever home. We do this in everything that we do from the moment you land on our website, talk to us, sign a contract with us, the way we set up our locations, and so so many other minor details. This shop has the same heart behind it. When you make a place in your home for your baby, and they have what they need, they will forever be happy with you because you are happy with them.

Each shop that we chose to work with us is a shop/product that we believe will help and reinforce bonding with your pup. 


As an added bonus, they all have given our Grace Wood Family a discount code! Make sure to put this in at checkout.

To stay in the spirit of love, we have our discount codes right here on our page, so that those who are just passing by may have what they need for their fur babies too.