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Sheepadoodle Litter Winter 2019 Christmas Puppies

Price: $2,500

All babies are litter and Crate Trained 

 We have 0 spots left in this litter! But you can get on our Spring litter line, call us today! That means all these babies are sold and we have no Sheepies available right now. Thank you for looking! 

Reservation Line:

1) Karen

2) Anna and Nate 

3) Catherine

4) Lori  

5) Manuel

6) Vicki

7) Dawn

8)  Earl

9) Casey and Brad

Male Phillip

Female Aurora

Male Sven 

Male Charming

Female Cinderella

Male Aladdin

Female Jasmine 

Male Kristof

Female Anna

To see past babies please visit our social media links below.