Policies and Health


Our hope here at Grace Wood Farm is that you will find a family dog to love forever and that you will feel like you are apart of the family! Here at Grace Wood we have a strong policy that if you want any puppy from us you better be 100% ready to train it! Every puppy needs training and to not be willing to do this disqualifies you from owning a puppy or dog. When you buy one of our puppies to come and be in your home you get a health guarantee but you also sign a contract that you will NEVER sell your puppy! If the sad reality comes that you do have to re-home your baby, you are agreeing to give the baby back to Grace Wood Farm.

Why do we require this?
1) We do not want to see our babies in shelters or kill shelters!
2) We do not want to see our babies going from home to home and having no idea what then happens to them.
3) When you buy a baby from us you are welcoming a family member not a pay day.

This is our way of trying our very best at keeping our babies in good homes and not in shelters. When you sign that contract you are agreeing to paying a $5,000 legally binding contract fine if you do ever break it. Please understand we just want our babies to be safe, loved, and in homes.

This also gives everyone the comfort to know that we here at Grace Wood Farm cares about our sweet babies!


Health Guarantee
Here at Grace Wood Farm we are confident that our puppies will be healthy and happy when we send them home with you so we offer a one year health guarantee. For a period of 12 months after birth we guarantee that your dog will be free from any inherited diseases which impair long life, good health and full function as a pet. The puppy must be checked by a vet within 5 days of taking them home. We will provide you with all the details when you purchase a puppy or upon request.

You can pick out your puppy when they are 5-6 weeks old. You will be emailed when the puppies are born with a date schedule of days for payments, pick out, and pick up. The deposit is a non-refundable $500. You pick your puppy based on the number in line of your deposit. Your deposit holds your spot in the reservation line and goes towards your over all cost.  If mama does not have as many babies as to where you are in line, your spot in line will move to the next litter. There is no way for us to know this and when paying a deposit you are agreeing to these terms. There is always breeders first choice pick and we can decide at any time that we may pick one. The first deposit will always be after us if we were to choose to keep a pick of the litter. 

At 5-6 weeks you can pick your puppy based on where you are in-line and between 7-8 weeks you can pick up your puppy or we can ship the puppy to you. 
The shipping fee will be extra, it is not included in the price. You will also have to include in your shipping price an extra $50 dollars for the crate that your new fur baby will be flying in. We also have a great, tried and tested ground shipper that we love and trust that will pick up your baby from us and bring your baby straight to your door. 

We are not currently selling breeding rights to the new puppies. You will be required to spay or neuter your puppy at the appropriate age along with keeping up with their shots. 

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