Meet The Parents of our Poochons

Mama Tink

Mama Tink is an AKC registered Bichon Frise all white beauty. She has a spunky and energetic personality that loves all the snuggles and kisses and couch time. Her and Tiger Lily are sisters and we love them sooo much. She has a blue and gold matching collar and leash. 

Mama Tiger Lily

Mama Tiger Lily is an AKC registered Bichon Frise all white beauty. Tiger Lily is a shy girl who is most comfortable with her family and sister. She like Tink, loves all the snuggles, kisses, and couch time you will give her. She has a pink and gold collar and matching leash. 

Mama Paris

Mama Paris is a AKC Bichon Frsie. She is so smart and sweet. She is excellent with the kids and loves to play with her canine family too. She will play fetch with you all day if you let her. 

Mama Jane

Grace Wood Farm South Willow Oak-

Mama Jane is a poochon she is the only mama who will make F1b poochons. 

Pictures coming soon 

Daddy (Peter) Pan

Pan is a CKC registered toy poodle. He brings his family so much joy! He loves his mommy and loves to play and snuggle all day. He will be the best daddy because if his babies are like him they will be perfection!

Daddy Rufio

Daddy Rufio is a red AKC toy poodle. He has a white chest and two white socks on his feet. He has the cutest, sweetest little deep man voice even tho he is so little. He is so sweet with the kids. He loves to play and snuggle and listen's so well, especially for a treat. We know that Rufio's with his colors and temperate will make one of the best daddy's, just like all our daddy's. 

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