Meet the parents of our Mini Sheepadoodles

Mama Margo

Grace Wood Farm North Woodland -

Mama Margo is an AKC Old English Sheepdog. She has two beautiful blue eyes and her family thinks she's just the best. 

Mama Torrun'Jane

Grace Wood Farm South-

Meet Mama Torrun-Jane

Torrun-Jane is an AKC Old English Sheepdog female. We love our T girl she is one of the sweetest souls on earth. Like all our pups she is our personal pet. She loves her humans and pretty much never leaves our sides. She even tries to take a shower with us! She is fun, smart, kind, and we believe will be the best mama like all her sisters. 


Daddy Jack

Grace Wood Farm North Woodland-

Daddy Jack is an AKC mini poodle. He is spoiled by all his little humans who love him so much! 

Daddy (Peter) Pan

Grace Wood Farm South-

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