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Meet The Parents


The Daddy  

Meet Link our current daddy to all our litters.  

Link is our only male and lives as our family dog here on Grace Wood Farm. 

He has the sweetest, almost sensitive temperament. He loves all of our kids and especially his daddy, Luke. He is very smart, listens great, well behaved. Non- aggressive in every way. Basically the perfect dog.  

We love our Link boy. 

He is AKC certified pedigree Standard Poodle. With black and white spotted markings. He has a slit parti face. 


Meet the Mama Coco of our F1b Babies. 

Coco is a goldendoodle which is a standard poodle and a golden retriever mix F1. Making her babies what's called an f1b. The reason we decided to also breed the f1b's and not solely the F1's, is that it has been proven that F1b's are more hypoallergenic. They typically will also have curlier hair. We know that some sweet boys and girls who desperately want a dog may not be able to because of illness. We hope that our babies will be able to help with that. 

Coco is a sweet, sweet girl who loves to play and be with her family. She has a spunky personality a fun loving baby girl. She is so smart and can do anything she puts her mind too. I have no doubt that her babies will be as sweet,smart, loyal and fun loving as their mama. 


Meet Mama Rosie

Rosie is the mama to our F1 goldendoodle babies.Rosie lives in what is called a host home/family. She comes here to Grace Wood to hang with the fam, for date week during mating and to have her babies.  She is a sweet, kind, gentle, and a  well behaved beauty. She is an AKC certified pedigree golden retriever. Her host family has two little girls whom she loves very much and they love her. We have no doubt that her babies will be as smart and sweet as our beautiful Rosie.