Welcome to Grace Wood Farm South Willow Oak

  In Fort Mill, SC

Grace Wood Farm South is located in Fort Mill, SC just outside of Charlotte, NC. The Winsnes Family with their 2 children and one on the way, run our Grace Wood Farm South location. 

At our Grace Wood Farm location, we have Poochons and Micro Sheepadoodles. Click HERE to learn about our Poochons and click HERE to learn about our Micro Sheepadoodles. 

Fort Mill is considered the suburbs of Charlotte, NC, and one of the best places to live in all of South Carolina. Filled with beautiful myrtle trees and lots of children playing we love it here in Fort Mill. Charlotte is only a 10-minute drive! Charlotte is one of America's most beautiful and clean cities. 

Our vision here at Grace Wood Farm is that all mama's and daddies live together and are a part of a family. This creates a bond with both their pack and their humans. We want our babies to come home to you well socialized and come from parents that are well-loved!

Click HERE to learn more about Fort Mill, SC

Click HERE to learn more about the Queen City

Meet The Grace Wood Farm South Team

The Winsnes Family

 Christina & Gjermund

The Stasi Tribe

Brittney & Luke

More Pictures Coming Soon 

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