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F1 Sheepadoodles

Spring 2021 Litter 

Mama Eowyn

Litter expected to be born 1/9/21 and go home 3/21.

Puppies coming from Grace Wood Farm South - click HERE for more info

Call 803-888-4149 to learn more

Mama Eowyn

Eowyn is one of the mama's here on Grace Wood farm north, for our F1 sheepadoodle babies. Raised with us as our family dog. We have raised Link and Eowyn together since we bought them straight from the breeders. She loves her people forgetting that she is our biggest dog and wants to lay with you and snuggle. She is friendly and loving to all even strangers. Non-aggressive in every way. She is typical of her breed and watches over all on the farm and keeps them safe. She is AKC certified pedigree Old English Sheep Dog.

COAT: She has one blue eye and one brown eye. She is white and grey. 
WEIGHT: She is 70-74lbs


Click the social media links at the bottom of this page to view many photos and videos of past litters. 


Daddy - Link

Link is our standard male sire and lives as our family dog here on Grace Wood Farm North. He has the sweetest, almost sensitive temperament. He loves all 10 of our kids!  He is very smart, listens great, well behaved. Non- aggressive in every way. Basically the perfect dog.  We love our Link boy. He is AKC certified pedigree Standard Poodle.

COAT: His coat is black and white parti with spotted/ticked markings. He has a slit parti face. 
WEIGHT: 62lbs

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