F1 Poochons
Winter 2022 Litter -Mama Tiger Lily 


When can they go home? 3/17/2022
DOB: 1/21/2022
Location: Grace Wood Farm Willow Oak
Estimated Adult Size: 10-15lbs

Daddy is Conan, an Apricot Sable* Mini Poodle. Mommy is Tiger Lily, a white Bichon Frise.

Litter Size: 4 Puppies

Genders: 1 girls, 3 boys

Colors: 1 female - darker markings (sable)*, 2 light colored males, 1 dark colored male (sable)*

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Mama Tiger Lily

Poochon Parents

Daddy Conan


*Sable Puppies
Sable is relatively common and produces a wide range of colors and patterns in poodles. Sable dogs can be nearly solid cream or appear agouti. Often, they will be mostly solid cream or apricot with black ears and tail, along with black hairs mixed in on the back. Sable puppies change significantly as they grow. Here are a few photos of Conan through his different growth stages - as you can see, his coloring has changed over time. We have also provided a few examples of sable coloring in older/adult dogs. 

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