Grace Wood Farm Transporter's

We are so excited to announce that Grace Wood Farm will now be offering Ground Transporting from our locations to your front door. 

Your baby will never leave the care of our Grace Wood Farm Team until he/she is in your arms.


We have been working towards this service for years. We wanted to give to our babies the safe, loving, transport that they could do with their litter mates, until they were home or close to home. We wanted to have a team that could give to our new parents the ability to get all the sleep and time that they needed in preparation of getting ready for their new baby.


 Also, of course once covid came we wanted the ability to hand deliver our babies, when possible, for the safety and peace of mind for our new parents. 

Jonathan and Solaya are like family to Luke and Brittney. Jonathan is Luke and Brittney's godson and his family has been a part of their family since he was 6 years old. Solaya is a beautiful and blessed addition to the family when they got married. They are kind, sweet, loving and smart. They love all our Grace Wood Babies and to travel and meet new people. They have transported many times for Luke and Brittney brining the parent dogs to them and then taking them to each location. 

GWF Transporting

Pricing for our transport service:

  • 100-299 miles- $350

  • 300-499 miles- $500

  • 500-799 miles-$700

  • 800-1000 miles- $950

  • Mileage beyond a 1000 miles will have to be talked about on a case by case basis. 

What we give you with our transport service:

  • Extreme safety measures taken from Covid19 for you and your family. 

  • Extreme safety measures taken to protect from Provo virus and other dangers for your puppy from our location to your home. 

  • The level of care that your baby will get from us. 

    • Safe environment with a crate, puppy pad, food, and water from our locations that they have been on their whole lives so far. ​

    • Being with their other litter mates. 

    • Two drivers so that one is focused on driving and one is focused on loving on your baby. 

    • Care for your babies mental health.

    • When nervous or scared they will be held, comforted, and reassured of their safety

    • Non-smoking environment

    • Our transporters are not strangers but a part of the Grace Wood Farm Team. Thus knowing that they are trusted. 

    • You will get pictures and time updates along the drive. 

    • You will pay to the same Venmo you do for all your payments to Grace Wood. 

What we do not offer and/or guarantee with our transport service:

  • Same day delivery. 

    • We do not want to rush our drivers thus putting them and our babies in danger. We want them to drive safe and with care to deliver your baby to you whole, happy and healthy. ​

  • We cannot guarantee that your baby wont have a pee, poop, or vomiting accident along the drive. Of course we will have wipes and paper towels on hand, but they may still need a bath once they get home. ​

  • Different days of pick up and drop off from what is given to you in your first email when you got on your litter. 

  • Your baby will still have a transition time, like all puppies, once they get home, but the good thing is that it's now in the safe, comforting place of home where you can hold them, love on them, and give them your one on one attention. 


Ok, so you want to use our Ground Transporters to bring your baby straight to your front door.


What Now?

  • First call Soloya or text her: This info is on the email sent when the babies were born-

    • What litter you are on​

    • let her know that you would like to use their services 

    • Give her your name and address 

    • Then she will let you know if they are able to make this transport.

    • When she says that they can, and you tell her you would like to use their services:

      • Grace Wood will send you a contract to sign via email using e-sign. ​

      • Then you will send the amount via Venmo for your transport.

That's it! Super simple. And on Pick Up day your baby will be picked up and brought to you. ​

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