About Poochons

The Highlights

Friendly personalities 
Easy to train
Great with kids and the elderly
The MOST snuggly
Loves to always be where you are
Both energetic and loves nap time
And best of all, will be a great companion & family member 

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo

What is a Poochon?

A Poochon is a designer mix breed between a Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle. In our case it is a Bichon Frise female and male toy poodle. See the 'Poochon Mamas + Daddies' page HERE

Poochons are also called Bichpoo, Bichon Poo, and Bichon Poodle. 

Poochons get the best of both worlds. The Bichon Frise and the Poodle are two of the smartest, loyal, and family friendly breeds around. The Poochon gets all the best traits from both mom and dad. 

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo

Temperament / Character

The Poochon is affectionate towards its humans. The Poochon has a strong social personality, so it needs to interact with people and/or other pets. The Poochon is really an indoor dog and one who will want to be close to its family members at all times.


Here at Grace Wood we have a strong policy that if you want any puppy from us you better be 100% ready to train it! Every puppy needs training and to not be willing to do this disqualifies you from owning a puppy or dog. With that said, Poochons are easy to house train and teach tricks but they will need to be trained not to bark at everything. While they will be a great watch dog for you and alarm you to any danger or stranger, they will need training not to bark at everything. 

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo
Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo

for more information!

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo
Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo


Poochons are a smaller breed dog. Growing from 12-15 inches tall and weighing from 6 to 18 pounds. 


Poochons are a mostly non-shedding dog even though there is no such thing as a 100% non-shedding dog. They have curly coats that will not leave hair all over your house but will need to regularly brushed and groomed. This also makes the beloved Poochon a hypoallergenic pooch for all our families with this concern. The fur, however, grows like human hair so it will need to be regularly bathed and trimmed. Another great thing about these little sweeties... they fit in the sink!

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo


Most crossbreed dogs are healthier than purebreds, and the Poochon is no exception. They tend to live long, full lives with few health problems. Some things to look out for as your puppy ages include dental problems like tooth loss and gum disease, eye issues such as age-related blindness and cataracts, and joint stiffness and arthritis, particularly in Poochons carrying a few extra pounds. Help your dog stay healthy by prioritizing regular veterinary checkups, scheduling dental cleanings and keeping an eye on their weight and dietary habits, including limiting treats and table foods.

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo

If you would like to see pictures and info on our mamas and daddy please click HERE. And don't forget to check out photos of our adorable Poochons on our social media accounts!

Poochon Bichpoo Bichon Poodle Bichon Poo