Standard Sheepadoodles 

2021 General Deposit Line  


Location: Grace Wood Farm North in Ohio - Click HERE

We are now taking a general deposit line for Standard Sheepadoodles expected to be going home in 2021. We are planning several litters of Standard Sheepadoodles in 2021, and this general deposit line will be able to pick, in order of their deposit spot, which litter they would like to be on once the litters are announced.  



1) Bruggeman Family

2) Erin G.

3) Juliette C.

4) Semone B,

5) Martha B.

6) Jennifer K.

7) Rogers Family

8) Peterson Family

9) Sage & Carl

10) Yokell Family

11) Casey H.

12) Jodi & Erin

13) Lauder Family

14) Ramirez Family

15) Patrick Family



More Puppies than Deposits in a Litter: Every week we receive numerous requests for currently available puppies and our litters are full many months in advance. We take a limited amount of deposits per litter. Sometimes a litter can have more puppies than we have deposits for. If this is the case, we will make an open announcement on our social media accounts that we have extra spots to fill. This is the only way that we will announce extra spots in a currently born litter. We do not take an additional "interested" list, as it would have hundreds of people on the list and would be unmanageable. If you would like to try and get in one of the extra spots, you will have to watch our social media announcements after a litter is born for notice that extra puppies are available and contact us right away. Extra spots are usually gone immediately, so you would have to be on the lookout! 

Breeder's Pick: Grace Wood Farm reserves the right to hold a breeder's pick spot for any future litter.

Timeline: As we get closer to 2021 we will announce plans for specific litters, along with their estimated time frames. We can't perfectly predict when mama will go into heat, but once she does we will announce an estimated date of birth and pickup date, which will be about 4 months after they go into heat.


Price: Standard Sheepadoodles are priced at $3,000

Deposit: $500. The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a future litter. The deposit goes towards your total payment. 

Mama's Info: Once we solidify our 2021 plans we will announce which of our mama's will be specifically having Standard Sheepadoodle litters. Click Here to view all of our litter mama's.

Daddy's Info: The father is Link, a Standard Poodle. His coat is black and white parti with spotted/ticked markings. He has a slit parti face. His weight is around 62 lbs. He has the sweetest, almost sensitive temperament. He loves all of our kids!  He is very smart, listens great, well behaved. Non- aggressive in every way. Basically the perfect dog. He is an AKC registered Standard Poodle of a fine pedigree. He is the father to all the Standard Sheepadoodles from our Grace Wood North location. 

Puppy's Colors: Most Sheepadoodles will be a variation of white and black "parti" spots and abstract patterns. There is potential for additional color variations such as: mostly black with minimal white markings, mostly white with minimal black or brown markings, grey and white, brown and white parti patterns, and even tri-color as well, although far less likely. 

What do F1 and F1b mean? An F1 Sheepadoodle means one of the parents is an Old English Sheepdog and the other parent is a Poodle. Their coat may range from fluffy and straight like an Old English Sheepdog to having a wave to their coat. Coats vary within a litter. F1's have minimal shedding.


An F1b Sheepadoodle means one of the parents is already an F1 Sheepadoodle (50% Old English Sheepdog, 50% Poodle), and the other parent is 100% Poodle. This makes an F1b Sheepadoodle 75% poodle and 25% Old English Sheepdog. Their coat may be wavy to curly, although coats always vary within a litter. They also are the highest level of hypo-allergenic coat with the most optimum minimal shedding, making them the best dog available for those who suffer from pet dander allergies. 

Standard Sheepadoodle Weight: Based on the parent's weights and breed expectations, we anticipate the Standard Sheepadoodles to have an adult weight ranging between 50lbs at the smallest and around 90lbs at the largest. An average-sized Standard Sheepadoodle maybe around 55-70lbs. 


For More Info: If you want to learn more about Sheepadoodles, please read our article: 11 Things to Know About Sheepadoodles


If you would like to chat with us about the details or to get on our deposit line please give us a call and we can talk you through all the details and make sure you are a good fit for our Grace Wood Farm family! 

Call Today: 803-431-1599

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